Pulse Wave Testing

Pulse Wave Testing

Check the stiffness of your arteries – an overlooked risk factor for atherosclerosis (the leading cause of heart disease and stroke) that rivals high cholesterol.

Arterial stiffening is more than just plaque formation associated with occluded arteries.

Stiffening damages fragile capillaries that nourish our organs. This loss of youthful suppleness prevents our arteries from properly regulating blood flow and pressure.

In addition to causing high blood pressure,  stiffening can lead to organ damage, which we recognize as heart attacks, strokes, cognitive decline, dementia, kidney failure, and a host of other disorders.

Combatting loss of arterial flexibility can be as simple as incorporating two nutrients into your daily regimen.

Studies show that vitamin D and vitamin K play an essential role in slowing—and even preventing—arterial stiffening.

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